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*Even if you have never been on a photoshoot before!


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KHolodilniY Pereulok 3/1/3

What is the HEADSHOT?

           Nowadays we spend so much time in the web that each of us needs at least 1 photo for various websites, social media and messengers. It’s in our nature that we want to see a person we’re in touch with whether for work or for personal needs. This can be achieved by means of a new kind of portrait photography – a headshot. This is not like a passport photo of you sitting in an uncomfortable pose with your eyes popping out. I will help you find your perfect angle and teach you how to look confident on the camera.

           Just one great photo will become your claim of fame and maybe it will even change your life!

           Nowadays we spend so much time in the web that each of us needs at least 1 photo for various websites, social media and messengers. It’s in our nature that we want to see a person we’re in touch with whether for work or for personal needs. This can be achieved by means of a new kind of portrait photography – a headshot. This is not like a passport photo of you sitting in an uncomfortable pose with your eyes popping out. I will help you find your perfect angle and teach you how to look confident on the camera.

           Just one great photo will become your claim of fame and maybe it will even change your life!



        “I already have a great avatar! (showing a picture at the beach)”. 

OK, cool. But how can people recognize you in this picture? And can you really use it for business? Sure not – CV, presentations, company and personal websites demand a professional approach! A full-body portrait in which you’re not recognisable  or a black-and-white photo with beautifully waved hair caught in the wind, covering your face are not good for business purposes. As well as the logo of your company, stock image of the product, or favorite movie character. All of that doesn’t work anymore! People want to see you! So, come in sight!

        Imagine that every day at least 1 new acquaintance which could possibly bring you to a successful partnership doesn’t happen just because you turn away from the world.

          A professional headshot will show the best of you!
Confident look, calmness and friendliness are not given only to supermodels. How to look good on the camera is the thing I teach at every photoshoot. A professional headshot will make you step out from the crowd, and it will show you as a person who is attentive to details, confident, open for new perspectives.


Basic for leadership. Confidence creates respect, a desire to follow the person and listen to his/her opinion.


It crashes barriers and brings people together. It lets build understanding faster and easier. That is one of the main values in the society.


That’s what pushes us to new acquaintances. That’s what makes us want to get closer to a person and know him/her better.

How to use?


Your headshot will make your profile stand out and will help you find your dream job.

Personal website

Headshots are perfect for personal websites irrespective of the sphere you work in.

Social media and messengers

It will not only show people how you look but will tempt them to meet you.

Personal profiles

It is time you changed your avatars in various business and personal profiles.

Business cards

Even after couple months, when someone pull out your business card with your photo on it out of a pocket he or she will remember much easier your meeting.


Of course your audience will be pleased to see the author of the text who looks confident and attractive.

About me

My name is Aleksandr Balakin and I’m a professional headshot photographer recommended by HeadshotCrew association in Russia.

What makes my work beautiful is that only one great photo can change your life! A headshot is not simply a beautiful picture, it is something that helps people become happy – find friends, a dream job or love for life.

In my portfolio you don’t see professional models but people who need a nice photo for work or just for themselves. Every second person who comes to my studio says before the photoshoot: “I look terrible on the camera”, “I’m not photogenic”, “I can’t look good in the pictures”. If you still have these thoughts – forget about them and come to my studio. I will share with you 3 cheats that will help you look great in the photo!

Even in first 10 minutes of our session we will get a portrait in which you will look great!

Studio near city center

No permission passes and paper work. Parking lot close to the studio.

16 years

Expirience as a portrait photographer

Made headshots for more than 7000 people since 2018

Quick result

You got your photos within 24 hours (Premium package - up to 5 days).

Associated member of HeadshotCrew

Global association of professional headshot photographers. Portfolio approved by Peter Hurley, head of HeadshotCrew

No surprises

You see the results on a big laptop screen while during the session so you are not nervous waiting for the photos not knowing what you will get.


I pay special attention to the expression of your face which is crucial in the portrait. No more scared faces like in the passport.

Passport photo


Its no magic! During the session i will teach you really working tips how to look amazing on the camera.



 15000 ₽

  • 40-60 minute session
  • Total guidance by the photographer
  • 1 Best photo edited


 25000 ₽

  • 60-90 minute session
  • Total guidance by the photographer
  • up to 5 best retouched photos
  • Posing life hacks


 35000 ₽

  • 1,5-2 hour session
  • Make-up & hairstyling
  • Total guidance by the photographer
  • Even more life hacks
  • up to 15 photos


*Prices can vary

  • 5-15 minutes per people
  • Total guidance by the photographer
  • On location shooting

Gift Certificate

If you know someone who need a good photo, you can make him a useful gift! 
To buy as a gift just choose a package, press Request and tick "Its a gift" and i will contact you to send a certificate.



How to find You?

Our address: Kholodilniy per. 3/1/3

Metro st. Tulskaya, exit N 2.

Outside metro go straight in the direction from the shopping center "Yerevan" so that the "Tulsky" shopping center is on your left. On first cross turn right, cross the road and turn left - you will see barrier. Go through the barrier and move straight until you see big number 6 on corner of a building. On the left side will be the studio entrance.

If you ask google or yandex maps for "Aleksandr Balakin portrait studio", app will sow you exact entrance.

I dont know How to pose! Will you tell me what to do?

Most of us get pictures taken in professional studios quite seldom. But it’s not hard at all and I explain everything in detail and show how to turn shoulders, tilt the head, and even how to look confident in the pictures.

I look terrible on the camera! will you make me look beautiful? 

I hear this question very often. As a rule people look bad on the camera until they meet a good photographer. My job is to find the best angle for you and make you look awesome in the photo.

And you have nothing to worry about. I will show you how to pose, and together we will create beautiful images. There will be no other people at the session so no one will look at you. If you glance thru my portfolio you will see only ordinary people, not professional models. I make people photogenic whether they want it or not ☺

Can we make a photos with nature or street as a background?  

Classical commercial headshots presuppose a certain type of photos with a uniform backdrop and special professional lighting. If you are looking for another type of photoshoot you can write to me, and we will organize a session according to your needs.

Do you make a full or half-body shots?

The main feature of making headshots is a special way of lighting which is impossible if you make a full body portrait. Taking into consideration the fact that today most of the activities including using the Internet are done through mobile devices it is crucial to understand how the person looks, to see his face. And I make headshots at the highest level!


Do you retouch photos? I have a black circles under my eyes or scar etc.

Yes, I retouch the pictures and get rid of some defects of the skin like black circles under eyes and some other imperfections. I retouch scars and similar peculiarities only if you ask for it because sometimes if you get rid of such peculiarities a person can become unrecognizable. That’s why I try to be very careful with retouching because it must be YOU in the picture.  

Why you cropping out the top of a head?

The reason why I do this is called effective picture size. When you ask to leave the top of the head in the picture the percentage of the effective picture size used for your face (the most important thing; the real reason why we make this photo) falls down incredibly.  Nowadays a lot of activities are done through smartphones with relatively small screens. And what we get is a tiny face and a lot of free space around it. That’s why I’m sure that your face is much more important than the top of your head, so in part of the images (not all of them!) I make closer shots cutting a top of the head.   

How much photos i will get?

It depends on the chosen package and you can check this information in the “Prices” section on this website. And I want to pay your attention to the fact that during the session we review the images and improve the process.

The final choice of the pictures to be retouched is up to me but it is always based on our mutual decision made during the session.

You also can buy additional retouching if needed (1000RUB per picture)

Turnaround time

Our turnaround time depends on the chosen package and varies from several hours to several days. But if you have a specific deadline just tell me in advance.

For package “CV” and “Optimal” our turnaround time is 1 day, for “Premium” – retouching may take up to 5 days.

How i will get my photos?

We'll send you a link to download all the digital files from a file sharing service.

Can i get all images?

One of the conditions of my work is that I don’t provide with the original files. During the session we always review the photos on the screen of the laptop and make an initial selection of the pictures. The final choice of the pictures is up to me. So you get the best images retouched and optimized for the usage. The rest of the images are just working material. If you will need more pictures than included in your package, you can order additional retouching for 1000RUB per image.

Booking and payment

When i can arrive?

I’m not in the studio every day so the date and time of the session must be discussed beforehand.

Sessions are possible from 9 am to 10 pm. If necessary other time options can be discussed.

How to book a session?

In order to book a session for a convenient date you can either apply through the website or reach out to me in any possible way described in “Contacts”.

Do you have any discounts?

From time to time there are special offers and you can book a session for a nice price. The information about such offers you can find only in social media – Facebook and Instagram. Follow me on one of these media and you will know everything about the offers.

Preparing and outfit choose

How to prepare for the session?

My recommendations for the session:

  • make sure your hair is clean and neat
  • take care of your beard/mustache/whiskers/ eyebrows beforehand (not just before the session to avoid irritation of the skin)
  • it’s a shame when the picture is spoilt by the wrinkles on the clothes so it’s  better to choose your outfit beforehand and have time to iron clothes properly
  • get enough sleep

What outfit to choose?


Avoid bright colors, prints, parti-colored clothes (they distract attention from your face)

Solid-colored clothes of natural colors (white, grey, black, blue, beige, brown, olive, etc.) look the best.

Pay attention that only upper part of your outfit will be in the photo (shoulders and a bit lower).

Choice of the outfit depends on where the photos will be used: if it’s a CV for leading position the suit is preferable, if it’s a picture for social media you’ll need something more casual.

I don’t recommend using very prominent accessories which also distract attention from your face. You can wear small simple accessories, small earrings. 

Choose clothes that fit you and make you look nice. 

Do you have make-up artist?

Yes, we can provide full makeup/hair services for the session. 

The price of the service is 5000 RUB. You can be sure that focus on your eyes is made professionally, skin texture is even, and hair looks nice. You can use the services of your own make-up artist or prepare for the shoot yourself. But the photos we make are usually used for several years and it would be great if everything is made at the highest level. Besides during the session you will feel more confident which will have a positive impact on the result of the whole process! 

For corporate clients

Do you work with corporate clients?

Of course! And if you’re a corporate client you get different prices. The session can be organized either in the studio or in your office (all equipment is portable, so the quality will not suffer). The prices depend on several factors like location, number of people, the duration of the session. I have experience working with big companies (sessions for up to 400 people), and in contract work. For big groups make-up/hair services are also available (prices depend on the amount of the work). If you want to learn the details apply for the package “Corporate” and I will reach out to you to discuss the project. It’s time to make photos of your team catching!


“At first I didn’t have enough courage since I don’t consider myself a photogenic person and I can’t pose at all, but excellent photos of my friends in this style gave me some confidence. Of course I felt uncomfortable in the beginning.. one could feel my stress and worries, but all these feelings disappeared during the session. Thank you, Sasha, for your patience and wonderful work! As a result: photos are awesome! I want more!”

“Sasha, thank you so much for organization of such an important kind of photoshoots! For the first time the session was so fast and there were so many good pictures!!! Now I have photos to send to the boss, to put on the phone screen, to use as an avatar. These pictures are super multifunctional! And when you are surrounded by such home-like and warm atmosphere full of smiles and fun you really start thinking: maybe I should do it again?!”

“Aleksandr is a wonderful master. He’s a professional and nice person to whom you can entrust making photos. And even if you think that you look bad on the camera you will love the result. I definitely recommend Aleksandr 

“Aleksandr made a corporate photoshoot in our company. Now we have great photos for email clients and other services) I specially want to thank Aleksandr for individual approach to everyone”

“We addressed to Aleksandr to make a corporate photo session for the rehabilitation center employees. Aleksandr’s work with our team was excellent. The photos fully revealed kindness and light which our doctors and specialists exude. Thanks a lot for your artistic job, wonderful sense of humor and easy work” 


Leading rehabilitation therapist, “MCR clinic”


“I don’t really like posing for the pictures, but I felt comfortable in Aleksandr’s company, it was even fun, and what is more important, the result exceeded all expectations. Attention to the details, that’s what singles out a person in the media space in which we more or less exist”


Head of surgery department, V.I. Shumakov Center of Transplantology


“I was presented with a gift card for headshot photo session. I enjoyed both the process of the shoot  (Aleksandr says how to pose, how to turn your head, when to smile or when to be serious) and the photos. During the session we reviewed the images, selected the best angles, used different types of lighting, 2 backdrops. The portraits were unbelievable, I couldn’t imagine that I could be so confident and photogenic”.

“A cozy studio, a friendly photographer, pleasant atmosphere, high-quality photos – that’s how I can describe my impressions from this photo studio. Aleksandr did his job very professionally, and at the same time created very nice friendly environment where we got cool photos. Thanks! I will recommend this studio to my friends!”

“I really recommend the master of headshot photography – Aleksandr Balakin! If you want to refresh your CV, to make it noticeable among other boring papers, or if you are an actor - for your professional portfolio, or simply for yourself, just to see your face with different emotions! Sasha will make



“Sasha Balakin is a rare photographer who has this trait which makes you open up and enjoy the process of the photoshoot, and that is exactly what helps achieve the final goal – get good images. This wonderful trait is good sense of humor! Laughter extends your life and sometimes a rent of the studio! Smile more!”


Host at the channel Doctor, creator of Medical Brain Battle

“I don’t really like to get my photos taken and to pose but with Aleksandr it was very easy – he creates casual and light atmosphere, tells you where to look and how to pose, so the result was perfect.

The photos looked wonderful even without retouch!

If you think you’re not photogenic,  have a photoshoot with Aleksandr and you will change your opinion”

“I recommend it to everyone!! Wonderful photos will be used for work not for one year. You feel very comfortable with Aleksandr, he’s a real professional, and he tells you the secrets of making good pictures which you can use even making pictures with a smartphone. He works fast and in a quality manner. I also booked a photoshoot for a gift, and the next day everything was ready! We’ll keep on working with Aleksandr”

“You know, sometimes you want a great photo for avatar/CV/for memory, but usually you smile awkwardly or make grimaces, mainly because of shyness and lack of confidence.  But everything’s possible with Sasha! He’ll tell you how to stand without a stoop, to open your eyes in a right way, and he’ll t joke in order to light them up. I doubt I would have agreed for such a close-up session if it weren’t for Sasha. It’s true! Merci!”


Abbott Laboratories

“Casual atmosphere, total trust to the master, the feeling of comfort and calmness – that’s what Aleksandr Balakin creates from the first minutes of being in his cozy studio. Only positive emotions, smiles, laughter and gorgeous photos. By the way, pictures are perfect from the very beginning – I liked 80 % of my photos just made by the camera. He feels you and shows the best of you. He’s very talented and professional.”


“It’s a wonderful place. I’m absolutely delighted by Aleksandr’s professionalism. His talent and commitment to the process create real portrait masterpieces”

“Great pictures, nice and attentive photographer!

Casual talk and advice how to pose give wonderful results. You want to use the photos as avatars everywhere. Thanks a lot to Aleksandr!”

“Photos usually disappoint me…but not this time!During the session I already realized that the result would be WOW!With light and casual atmosphere Aleksandr creates real magic, with a simple move of his hand he opens new possibilities, new moods, and makes small masterpieces in which I’m a star.As a result I see the best version of myself in the pictures, and what is more I can share this vision with my friends, colleagues, clients and partners ☺”

“Not so long ago I accidentally found out about headshots and realized that I want a portrait in this style.That’s how I found Aleksandr Balakin studio. And I never regretted my choice.The process of photoshoots is catching, interesting, educative and enjoyable. There is a possibility to review and evaluate the results in a real-time mode. Turnaround time is fast. You get a wow-effect from your avatars on all social media. You get new experience, new knowledge, new appreciation of yourself, new self-esteem!”

“A wonderful photographer, incredible experience and 15 photos of the highest quality. I can’t even choose which one to use for my CV, because I love them all. My friend recommended Aleksandr to me, who had done a photoshoot for the employees of the hospital where my friend works.

I wish Aleksandr all the success)”

“It’s a photographer who knows his job. He made headshots for my business accounts and website. Fast, professional and he gave advice.  His main trick is that he guides, gives tips, sees and feels the best angle, the rest is magic…)

As a result you get the best headshots! Recommend.”

“Center of endoscopic dentistry and oral surgery “Endostom” thanks Aleksandr Balakin for performing a photo session in our clinic. Now our employees are happy owners of the portraits of the highest quality! The photoshoot was performed in friendly and casual atmosphere. Thank you for making everyone feel relaxed and easy, for advice and fun!The result was fast, the photos were lively and emotional, and what is more important everyone (!) in our team was happy with his headshots!! Thanks for little turnaround time (all retouched pictures were ready the next day). The team of clinic Endostom want to wish you professional success and never-ending energy!!! We look forward for the next photoshoot!!!”

“To say BAD is like to tell lies to your parents whom you love, to betray a friend or cheat on your wife”My colleagues and I couldn’t possibly find fault in Sasha’s work. Corporate photo session, make-up, different  types of people of different ages, little time – all this doesn’t make the process easy. BUT Sasha coped easily with that and as a result:
  • good mood
  • pleasant pastime
  • new experience
  • awesome headshots

“WHAT AN EXPENSIVE PHOTOGRAPHER? These were my first thoughts that really confused me…as well as the prices…  But when I saw his portfolio on his website I had 2 questions on my mind: why did I still not have a photoshoot with him and why does it cost so little (the portfolio shows the work of the highest quality, and I started to doubt that he had told me the real price, I was looking for some hidden fees). THAT WAS REALLY COOOOL!!! The atmosphere, approach, preparation, presentation of initial variants, work with mimics and emotions…I knew that it’s not easy to make such photos (besides I’m very critical) but Aleksandr found not only a right approach to me and to my 4 colleagues, but also made the best of us…and all this was for a short period of time.

From the first photo it was clear that we had chosen a real professional and the result was great)))

Guys, if you want to look expensive, presentable, stylish and sincere and real at the same time, you should contact Aleksandr.

There’s one more plus – little turnaround time. I have never received my photos so fast ever (and I worked with many photographers))))))

“When my daughter saw my photos made by Aleksandr she said: “He’s a magician, that’s exactly how I see you”. And I agree with her) Aleksandr is a magician!!! During the session he gently and in detail guides the process, makes a lot of shoots until magic happens. Recommend.”

“We booked photoshoots several times here, we were pleased. We loved the atmosphere and the result. Somehow he chooses the best angles so you start liking yourself (which is rare)”

Our adress

Kholodilniy pereulok 3/1 builduing 3



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How to find my studio?

Kholodilniy pereulok. 3/1 building 3

Metro st. Tulskaya, exit N 2.

The Territory of the Partnership Ryabovskaya Manufactory

After entering the territory, you need to move straight forward until you see big number 6 on corner of a building. On the left side will be the studio entrance.